My services


I am a London-based, qualified Integrative Counsellor.

This means that I recognise not all therapies are the same and each individual may require different things.


Depending on your needs, I may draw on knowledge and experience from various different approaches, such as:

Person Centred Therapy considers you the expert of your own experiences and you have the answers and solutions within yourself

Existential therapy  focuses on a persons view of life and experience of living

Psychodynamic counselling looks at childhood and how this has shaped who people are today

Motivational Interviewing helps to identify changes and reasons for changing. This can be anything from eating too much chocolate or drinking too much wine, watching the TV too much or wanting to exercise more, it can help with lots of things

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy looks at how a persons thoughts and beliefs have an affect on their feelings and behaviours

Mindfulness helps to focus on the present moment

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