About Me




My background

I began training as a holistic therapist in 2010, studying energy healing, crystal healing and two different types of Reiki healing. I’ve always believed that human beings as a whole exist in three parts, the mind, body and spirit.

It was when I began to see clients, I realised that there was more that I wanted to know, in how to support my clients. I discovered it was this drive inside me that wanted to know all of the unanswered questions I had about the pain we suffer.


In 2015, I finally allowed myself to succumb to my curiosity and began my quest to find my answers of the questions that have always fascinated me.

My qualifications

I initially trained in Person-Centred therapy, having completed a BACP Accredited Diploma and Foundation Degree, but soon discovered that people need different things from therapy. So, I went on to complete a BA Hons in Counselling, which included different theoretical approaches and this allowed me to really consider people as individual beings, integrating the other theoretical knowledge into the therapy.


No client is the same, so, each therapy is a tailor-made to the individual.

In fact, no session is the same, as client needs change from moment to moment.

frequently undertake regular training courses to enhance my knowledge and understand of issues that clients bring.

Counselling experience

I have run my own private practice for two years now.


Before that I worked for organisations supporting people suffering with or were affected by addictions.

I also worked for an organisation supporting non-abusing parents or carers of sexually abused children.

I am an approved therapist offering low-cost therapy to members of Anxiety UK. 

Other experience

Prior to my counselling training, I volunteered for a national charity on their helpline. Through my work there, I discovered that often living with conditions such as endometriosis that affected fertility, brought up feelings of not being good enough. It affected how women saw their self as not being complete.

I teach counselling in Further Education colleges, in London, and am working towards a PGCE in Education and Training. 

I have a keen interest in Group Facilitation.

I bring all my past and current experience into my working practice.