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I have experienced multiple Spiritual Awakenings, stemming back as far as my childhood. These experiences led me to begin training as a holistic therapist in 2010.
Over the years, I have trained in multiple different forms of energy healing, crystal healing, two types of Reiki healing, the traditional Usui Reiki and Angelic Reiki.
I’ve always believed that human beings as a whole exist in three parts, the mind, body and spirit.

It was when I began to see clients, I realised that there was more that I wanted to know, in how to support my clients. I discovered it was this drive inside me that wanted to know all of the unanswered questions I had about the pain we suffer. 
In 2015, I finally allowed myself to succumb to my curiosity and began my quest to find my answers of the questions that have always fascinated me and embarked on training to be a therapist. It as there, that I really began to get to know myself and through knowing myself, allowed me to help and serve others.
This work is never ending. I am on a life going journey to deepen my relationship with myself and then others. Last year, I jumped in, studying Tantra and Sacred Sexuality. Although, not mutually exclusive, they certainly have overlaps. I often assist at events, offering emotional support to people in attendance, and am in the process of developing online courses.
I initially trained in Person-Centred therapy, having completed a BACP Accredited Diploma and Foundation Degree (validated by Middlesex University), but soon discovered that people need different things from therapy. So, I went on to complete a BA Hons in Counselling, which included different theoretical approaches and this allowed me to really consider people as individual beings, integrating the other theoretical knowledge into the therapy. No client is the same, so, each therapy takes into consideration each individual. In fact, no session is the same, as client needs change from moment to moment.
frequently undertake regular training courses to enhance my knowledge and understand of issues that clients bring.
Counselling experience
I have run my own private practice since 2019.
Before that I worked for organisations supporting people suffering with or were affected by various different types of addictions. This showed me that addictions were a way of suppressing and numbing pain that is often associated from traumatic events or experiences.
I have worked for an organisation supporting non-abusing parents or carers of sexually abused children and have been an approved therapist for Anxiety UK.
Key Interests 
I can help people get in touch and connect with their authentic selves. This could be by developing and sustaining healthier authentic relationships and establishing boundaries, reconnecting with your body and healing from sexual trauma, learning to accept and acknowledge different parts of yourself whether it be masculine/feminine or darker parts of personality which society may deem as unacceptable because they're negative thoughts or judgments towards others.
Any two things can be considered as a relationship. There are many different types of relationships with other humans, such as romantic partners, sexual partners, friends, work colleagues....
Current relationships might seem unfulfilling, monotonous or it might be a challenge to build long lasting intimate relationships. It might be hard to communicate your needs and how to get them met in relationship. You might not know what your needs are let alone how to communicate them. You might find that you and your partner are on different pages, have different needs and love languages and this has left you feeling you're on different wave lengths. 
Not all relationships fit the traditional mould. Monogamy in romantic relationships has been the most popular relationship choice, but for some this has been unfulfilling and there has been a rise in people choosing non-monogamy, polyamory, monogamish, as their choice of relationship style or identify with other concepts such as Relationship AnarchyTogether, you might wish to explore your true self desires in relationship and what relationship style fits in with your core authentic being.
At this current time, I do not work with couples, but can offer one to one support. 
Stigma has been attached to sex and pleasure for a very long time. With little education or information this can lead to sex and pleasure becoming mediocre, unfulfilling and even shameful experience, in adulthood. I draw on teachings derived from Tantra to help you to discover what feels right for you. We may discuss previous experiences of sex, relationship history. I am Kink Aware.
Physical touch does not form a part of this work
Having been on my own spiritual journey, I am well versed to support and hold space for you, while you explore your own. You may be going through your own spiritual awakening, experiencing a Dark Night of The Soul, or have had a Kundalini Awakening or are battling with spiritual beliefs and values conflicting with your external world. All is accepted.
I am passionate about helping and facilitating other people to heal from trauma. Trauma doesn't have to be a big life altering event, it can be a multitude of different things that occur on an emotional, mental and physical level that impact each of these parts which then have an effect on your feelings (feeling sad, depressed or anxious), your body (chronic pain and energy) and day to day life (relationships, work) and sometimes not knowing what you are feeling or experiencing or distancing from experiences.  
I volunteered for a number of years for the helpline for a national charity. Through my work there, I discovered that often living with conditions fertility affecting and chronic pain inducing diseases or disorders such as endometriosis, brought up feelings of not being good enough. It affected how women saw their self as not being complete, often feeling betrayed by their bodies and angry at not being able to fulfil a womanly 'duty' of reproducing. However, the chronic pain was often triggered and exacerbated by past or present traumas well as the physiological elements of the condition.
Teaching and Mentoring experience
I teach counselling skills and run Personal development groups in Further Education colleges, in London, and am a qualified teacher, graduating with a PGCE in Education and Training (Level 6, equivalent to a BA Hons). 
I volunteer as a mentor for Future Ready, (University of Westminster) supporting recent graduates or students who are embarking on their careers in counselling or education.
I also offer support and mentoring to members of staff (where I work), who are in training.
PLEASE NOTE: I bring all my past and current experience into my working practice.

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