About Me

I began training as a holistic therapist in 2010, studying energy healing, crystal healing and two different types of Reiki healing. I’ve always believed that human beings as a whole exist in three parts, the mind, body and spirit.

It was when I began to see clients, I realised that there was more that I wanted to know, in how to support my clients. I discovered it was this drive inside me that wanted to know all of the unanswered questions I had about the pain we suffer.


In 2015, I finally allowed myself to succumb to my curiosity and began my quest to find my answers of the questions that have always fascinated me.


Some of these questions included:


Who are we?

Why do we think and feel the way we do?

Why did we become the people we are today?

How has our past childhood experiences helped to determine the adults we have become?

What role do I play in my relationships?

Do I feel that I’m living an authentic life or does it seem that I always want to serve and please other people?

Can I genuinely say that I love myself unconditionally?

Coming to therapy can help answer some of these questions bubbling away inside and to help empower us to live our own lives and be our own person. And maybe one day, learn to love ourselves unconditionally...