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Hi and welcome, I'm Louise 



If you are reading this, then it may be that you are seeking assistance to help you understand what it is you are thinking or feeling 

You’re not alone.

Here’s where therapy can help.

In a safe space, you can have the opportunity to talk about these feelings, and explore it together, until it begins to make sense.

I can offer that safe space.

As a qualified Integrative therapist, I base the therapy on building a trusting relationship, where you feel comfortable to explore all aspects of your self.

These are things that you may already be aware of and things that can be buried deep into your unconscious.

You may have often found yourself questioning your life’s purpose...

Or may have you felt unsure of who you are or what you’re experiencing...

You might have suspected that or know you have experienced abuse, sexually, or in intimate relationships...

You may be living a life, making decisions about your life that aren’t necessarily your own...

You may be living in the shadow of others, making life choices based on the wishes of others such as parents or authority figures....

Exploring these things may seem scary and that’s ok. Whether you know what you want to explore, or you just know that there is something bothering you and can’t put your finger on it, just remember, you don’t have to do it alone.


To find out more about me and my work click here 



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